Friday, 30 March 2012

From bed cover to a dress £0.00

Well the title says it all.I got given tons of fabric,sheets and duvet covers off my uncle.
I had to admit I didnt really fancy this cover for my bed for some reason,I wanted to give it a new lease of life.
It was a sheet of fabric about 20 years ago when my aunty turned it into a duvet cover.It then some years later was stored away after she sadly passed 8 years ago.
You cant even imagine how much I was sweating about to cut this cover it felt wrong and ungrateful but after being in a bedding box for years I wanted other people to see it other than me and mr scrimp.
So I decided to have a bash at making a dress,Id love to do a detailed tutorial or say I even followed a pattern but I cant follow patterns to save my life!
I had a 50s style in my head and scrawled it on a piece of paper,I measured my shoulder width,chest,waist and the length because I knew the hips would be free.
I laid out the fabric and chalked out the pieces for the top going off my measurements then the same for the skirt leaving enough for seam allowance.
Then I hemmed the edges,added a zip and stitched the front and back together leaving a hole for my head and arms to go through.
I actually nearly stitched it all the way round not concentrating :-/
But here is the end result what do you think? Do you think I have done it justice?
What have you upcycled from leftover fabric? Id love to see your creations x x

PS Sorry for the lack of war paint,didnt mean to give you a freight,I have gone au naturel
PPS  Here's what our pooch rosie thought of me chittering away to her while sewing!


  1. That is wonderful, you did so well! It really suits you too. I have the same problem with old bedding, it feels wrong cutting it, but then what else would it do but never be seen except for on a bed or sat in a drawer.

    I have made skirts, dresses and tops from old bedding and curtains.

  2. Thanks melanie,
    I am always so envious of the pretty things you make x

  3. Good for you to turn a treasured possession into something to be used and admired! You did brilliantly, the shape and fit are just perfect. You don't need make-up, you're naturally gorgeous. x

  4. Wow that is so clever ,without a pattern ,you look lovely Jan xx

    1. Thanks jan,now if I could only stich in a straight line haha xx

  5. It looks beautiful and I think your Aunt would be very proud to see what you've done with it and a fabric she obviously loved is being loved again. You are so talented to just draft a pattern like that and the finished result is stunning!!! xx

  6. Thank you so much,its very lovely of you to say that :) xx

  7. Wow! You are really talented, that dress just look so complicated, and I love the fabric! It came out lovely:)