Wednesday, 28 March 2012

How strange or is it just me?

Today I had another trip to the dentist! so while near a few charity shops I thought it would be rude not to nip in.
First one I went in and was flicking through portraits on the floor and I spotted this and I love it!
For one whole pound she was coming home with me,she quite reminds me of me as a baby what do you think?
I nearly squeeled with excitement when I found this pretty home made dress for my eldest isabel,and for 50p I couldnt leave it behind.
And much to the hubbys dismay of my bag and shoe collection I found this lovely handbag for £2
After my post yesterday of things I was lusting over my main one has to be a larder.But I just cant afford what people are asking for them,Then I realised my brother is excellent at making anything with wood.
So this weekend were heading to a reclaimation yard to get some wood so he can make me one.
Heres his recent make,His beloved fish tank stand
He said it will be ready in a few weeks as he works long hours working for the ambulance service,I cant wait to see it and I cant wait to show you x