Sunday, 1 April 2012

Boot sale finds :)

After a late night last night I wasnt going to bother with the carboot but my mum wakes me up early every sunday without fail and I forgot to tell her I was going to have a lie in.But she rang and I thought why not and im glad I did.
There is nothing I like more than chatting to the traders,having a good nosy and there is something thrilling about being up and about fresh as a daisy finding something fabulous for next to nothing.
I was pulling tight on my purse strings as I am saving up for this amazing dress for our wedding in august :-D Im so excited!!!!
How beautiful is this?!! it just makes me want to cry everytime I look at this picture because I love it so much I think its £198
Well here's my finds
 Iv seen this for the past few weeks but he looked so sad and had to come home with me for 50p
 To pop my spoon on after making a cuppa 50p
 Butter dish,I have been after one for ages £2
 Paisley smock top or shift dress? £1
 dress and matching jacket
 I just fell in love with the print and the feel of the material 50p
 black lurex dress
 How fab are the colours in this?!! 50p
 This reminded me of my child hood,I had a massive dress up box and I had something very similar
 70s table cloth 50p
 another table cloth for £1.50
 laura ashley dress,the print is just so girly,also reminded me of my childhood as I used to always prance around in my sisters laura ashley dresses. £1

 I just loved the colours of this bag also £1

 This is for the huby as he had a similar doll as a child haha £1.50
pretty clip ons 50p
Total spend £12.50 ( I also got a coat for my mum but forgot to take a pic which set me back a whopping 50p!! ;)
After the boot sale I popped upto the nursing home to see my dad hes 75 but still fit as a fiddle,We was having a laugh and realising that I must get my old style and taste from him.Our childhood home was an antique dealers dream and full of vintage EVERYTHING! sadly my dad let our childhood home go with pretty much everything in it.Maybe thats why I collect odd bits and pieces because thats how I have always been?
How lovely are these pics
 This is my grandad,nanna my uncle (the eldest) and my dad with the ball.Dont let my nans dainty ladylike features fool you,This woman was feisty as hell,hmmm maybe I get that from my nanna?

Heres my grandad looking awesome in his uniform

Well folks thats all for now,I have a date with my sewing machine
Hope you have all had a nice sunday :)
x x x


  1. The dress with matching jacket is beautiful! I love the print. Pretty table cloth & earrings too! XO

  2. The wedding dress is amazing! Where is it from? Rx

    1. hey rachael its from all for i think?
      its fabulous isnt it :) x

  3. Hey doll!! Thanks so very much for visiting my tiny corner of blogland! And for your super sweet words! :) So lovely of you!

    Oh my gosh I have to tell you...I've always LOVED how you guys call them boot sales! :)

    Wish my mom lived by me...and picked me up for flea marketing!! Lucky girl!!

    Love from NJ!
    xo Jenny

    1. Your welcome,I love your blog and look forward to your posts.Your style is awesome xx

  4. For a moment there I thought you found that dress at the boot sale and was like WHAT?!! haha! That blue and orange bag's my favourite! And such lovely old pictures! I have a similar one with my grandpa in uniform as well! Your grandma is beautiful!

    x Aliya

  5. haha I wish! Id be one happy lady.Thank you so much :) xx