Wednesday, 14 March 2012

retail therapy at its best

Well the hubby had a few hours to spare before work so I decided to try and persuade him to drive me to some charity shops and to my surprise he did without a qualm! well heres my goodies this week.Ill keep it short and sweet but ill be back later with a tutorial,on what yet I dont have a clue.
                             outside of the shaving set
                          ooooh how amazing is this?!
                                the safety razor in its case with no rust!! £3!
                                  very pretty duvet cover £2.50
                                 lovely handbag £1 !!
                                  lovely 3d picture what will look perfect in my bedroom 50p!!
                                           two pretty lilliput lane cottages off my mum
                                       satin box bag how sweet is this!!
       talk about right place at the right time,remember the dress/long jacket the other day? well I found the matching skirt!! thats right I have not ironed it yet :-p
                           retro table cover £1.50
                             nice big purse because mine is falling to bits!! £2
                                   I love this dress the print is gorgeous £3.99
all 3 of these for £3 but i dont know what I think of them yet! impulse buy,oooppss
Hows your thrifting been this week? x x


  1. Ooh, that polka dot dress is awfully pretty!


  2. Love the purses. I always have a hard time finding decent purses at thrift stores here.

  3. That spotty dress at the bottom looks gorgeous! So unusual to find one of those gent's vanity set's in one piece, too. I'm glad you found the matching skirt to your jacket,. that often happens with me too, it's because we have "weird" taste!! xx

  4. thanks ladies :) I love when your in the right place at the right time,the thrifting gods are looking out for me :-P.
    We certainly do vix but how wonderful is it to have weird taste xx

  5. Great finds! I love the table cloth, dress & tan purse especially! XO.