Thursday, 8 March 2012

Recent thrifty sprees

Hey ladies just a quick post to show some of my finds :) I love everything I have got especially the tea trolley which I have been trying to find for ages that does not cost the earth,I bagged it for a fiver!!! aarrrr so happy.Also wondering how I can get my hubby to understand my thrifty obsession :-/ I reckon he thinks im barmy well maybe I am a bit :-p truth is women cant win,if I was a spoiled brat wanting to max out a credit card on one item then im sure he would have valid reason.Do any of your partners understand your reasons for being thrifty other than the obvious.And that we are not all sheep and love to be unique? Anywho enough of the rant here's my pretty things and just for him sulking over my tea trolley I am dragging him along to vintage village this sunday :) x x
                                       £1.50 for both
                                     cute retro inspired tunic/dress £3
                                   treated myself to a new biscuit tin,£1.99
                              lovely floral pastel prints skirt £2.50
                                    lovely 60s dress £1 !!!
                                         cute floral blouse 50p
                                    bathing suit,£1.99
                                 £1.50 for both
                                   tea and cakes anyone?
                                  pastel yellow cardy £1.75
                                      hell bunny dress £3
                gorgeous mustard bag,look spongebob is saluting my bargains!! :) x


  1. I'm so impressed with this lot. Especially the teapot and the bags. And all so cheap too - v jealous!

  2. You have got some lovely things! Like you say, better to be thrifty and get more, than spend twenty times the amount on one thing.

  3. No way! That identical tea trolley was in a local chazza here last week and I dithered about it for ages, what a coincidence! You look gorgeous in your retro frock and I'm totally in love with the peach 60s maxi and lurex evening bag.
    Jon's as mad for second-hand stuff as I am. If I'm busy he'll go off jumbling on his own and often find better stuff than me. xxx

  4. Shows we have great taste.awww thank you so much.Your so lucky I think he is slowly but surely coming around to my ideas.What a coindence that our hubbys have the same name too,but he prefers johnny xxx

  5. Gorgeous buys! I love the long peach dress & tea trolley the best!

    Catherine, XO.

  6. That bathing suit! You have done really well. If the bathing suit doesn't enhance your super fit physique I defo have the body for a one piece. Send it my way. Xx

  7. Thanks ladies, I have not even tried the bathing suit on yet.feeling self concious after gaining 7lbs oh well im enjoying food its too hard to stay really lean all year round nom nom chocolate!! Ill give you a nudge if it looks crap on me xx

  8. Oh my gosh, that dress! How beautiful!