Thursday, 22 March 2012

Roller coaster day :-/

Well today started off well I was up and pottering about at 5am,I find it hard to sleep in when mr scrimp heads off to work.
I had a nice day planned with my friend lauren to go thrifting,she was at mine early and after a expresso we was raring to go.
First of all it was taking Isabel to school but I couldn't find my house key!!! I left it in mr scrimps car :( but lauren to the rescue!! We barricaded the door and headed out the back,silly I know but I also knew if anyone could get in my very protective boxer would be waiting.
So with Isabel at school it was off to therapy first,an hour later and we was hitting the shops :) we walked everywhere!
We got some lovely bargains.
But when I wanted to post a blog the computer packed in!!
Yes it was frustrating especially because they cost a bomb but my heart sank when I thought about all the pictures we had on there.hundreds of memories I was devastated.
I sat in the garden sulking,by the way it was bloody cold.I'd really love a summer house or just a fancy shed to escape to.
Back to the point,mr scrimp had managed to get them back!!! :-D
After paying for a decent a decent anti virus.
I no how important it is to save money but I can't believe I scrimped on a shit anti virus to save money and risking our memories forever.
I have fond,funny happy memories that are in my mind and heart but seeing pictures just jogs everything.
Now that they are back they are without a doubt being backed up!
So for the mean time I'm using the blogger app.
Do you have a good anti virus? X


  1. I've no idea what anti-virus software we use, that's Jon's department, but it works and he's as mean as me if not more so!
    Love that chair and bed jacket and you look so cute with your specs on and the little one asleep on your lap! x

    1. Thank you :) thats my friend holding my youngest,I never realised we looked so alike till you mentioned it xx