Monday, 12 March 2012

scrimpaholics tips

Now im sure you ladies know a fair few tips of your own,possibly all of these but I thought id share some just in case.

Write a shopping list,walking into supermarkets guaranteed there is deals practically jumping in your trolley.Give yourself a good talking to before you walk through those doors and stay firm.If it wasnt on your list to begin with you probably dont need it.Unless of course its something you use on a regular basis it maybe worth buying and popping away.For example I love the blue lenor but at £6 a bottle they can go and swivvle! But when its on offer for £3 I buy two because these offers are few and far between so by the time I have used both bottles it usually is back on offfer.

If you are not a stern person then I advise to buy shopping online,you can see the total running up so you might be a bit more frugal seeing the pounds mount up and probably ask yourself do I really need that?

If you are in the supermarket pick up their free magazines they have free recipes and coupons,dont use the coupon if its something you wouldnt buy though,Dont be brainwashed into thinking its a good deal if its only going to sit in your fridge un used until it perishes.

Take your own bags to the supermarket,come on we all have a cupboard or drawer full of plastic bags.
A shockingly 1.2 TRILLION bags are used every year and they are used on a average of 12 mins before throwing them away.They are then taken to landfill sites where they take 500 years to decompose!!
And those that end up in our oceans kill 100,000 birds,whales,seals,turtles every year.This fact made me so sad it has actually shocked me into giving all my plastic bags back to the supermarket they came from and I am goin to buy cotton or hemp bags or maybe I will make my own trendy shoppers :) leave them by the door so you dont forget them when you do go out.Or pop one in your handbag.

Buy fruit from local independent shops you will be surprised how cheap they are,even cheaper than the supermarkets lowest branded they dont come in plastic packaging so its better on the enviroment .

Buy the best you can afford,I no this seems like a no brainer but cheap clothes shop chains pull you in with the lowest prices because it will probably fall apart in two minutes,whereas the vintage clothes so many of us love have lasted decades and is still in exellent condition most of the time so chances are there is still a lot of life in those clothes yet so wear them with pride!! Plus its pretty much guaranteed your not going to bump into someone wearing the same outfit as you.

If you are lucky enough to have a log fire then invest in a log maker they come as cheap as £8,you can make your own logs out of unwanted newspaper that will burn for upto a hour.So you have recycled and heated at the same time.

Check out who your energy provider is,log onto their site and see what freebies you can get.How about a energy saving meter to keep track.

An even better reason to buy vintage bedding if its in good nick.There is evidence that the fire retardent,moth repellents and easy care bedding are routinely applied to bed linen may contribute to childhood asthma,eczema and shockingly even cot death.Now this is something close to my heart because my niece sadly lost her life at 7months from s.i.d.s
virtually all polycotton,easy care,crease resistant are all treated with formaldehyde!! I dont fancy embalming fluid lurking in my bedding do you?

Dry with laundry balls,they have spikes on their exterior to lift and seperate clothing allowing heat to circulate more freely.clothes dry quicker using less energy.They can cut drying time by upto 25%

Well fellow bloggers I hope you found my post interesting and helpfull
more tips to come in future posts X X


  1. Phew! there's some great tips there! Agree with everything especially the bit about investing in quality clothes rather than a cheap fix!
    Thanks so much for the bag, I love it! xxx

  2. Thank you :) Aarrr your so welcome im glad you love it xxx