Friday, 30 March 2012

Ooooh how fabulous is mr scrimp!

Hello everyone
               Well today was a strange experience! My brother popped round this morning and said he was heading to manchester so I thought id tag along.Looking in the posh shops over 5 years ago would have give me a thrill but now I dont have a flutter of interest,I couldnt help thinking where all the charity shops were instead.
After my brothers designer branded haul I headed home and to my surprise mr scrimp had been thrifting and has found some beautiful things :-O
These here probably mean more than anything hes ever bought me because hes searched for something he knew id love instead of handing me some vouchers or something way overpriced! And believe me this man has spoiled me rotten over the years but I much prefer it when he offers to take me to the carboot.
Heres what he found :)

heres the identical dress I found for 50p the other day,whoever made these must of had twins,I love it!
3 cake tins for £1!!
Last year I moaned for a mac that was still warm on the inside and this one is lined with wool,happy days!  A full ONE POUND BARGAIN!!

Heres my absolute fave!! look how beautiful this necklace is and for £2 what a beauty it is :)

Heres my other surprise,My wardrobe is so jam packed not to mention boxes around the house filled with clothes most of which will be going to the car boot in a couple of weeks.
My mum gave us this rail so he took it to work the other day and sprayed it and popped it up and hung up some of my favourite things.
Ah what a darling :) x x


  1. Awww, this is so lovely! I love the cake tins, and the orange bag I can spy now above your rail! Your man sounds like a true gent! XO

  2. He's coming round, isn't he? I knew he'd embrace vintage in the end!
    Love your clothes, love to have a rummage and a try on!
    Have a great weekend. x

    1. Its about time hey vix! Hopefully hes got the thrifting bug.Thank you,I feel the same way about your wardrobe what I have seen so far is amazing x