Monday, 26 March 2012

motivation woes,help needed!

Hey fellow bloggers how are you? Hope your all enjoying the sunshine,I no I did until......
I realised ALL my clothes are getting tight. :( Now I am not one of those girls who picks at lettuce leafs I like my grub but I do like to stay relatively slim and toned,although I have appreciated more junk in my trunk so to speak.I still do eat pretty much what I want within reason as long as I am burning more calories than I am taking in,or maintaining it.
Now I could just continue eating what I want and not training but then I would have to buy a new wardrobe and donate my old clothes but I dont want to do that because I am somewhat a hoarder!
Problem is I have no motivation lately which is really annoying me because I do love a challenge.
Summers on its way and I miss my abs so I am going to kick my ass into shape starting monday,plenty of time to stuff my face ;)
I have made this public declaration so I cant back out,even going as far as posting a pic of myself,possibly in some unflattering big knix at the start of day one so I can see my progress,(no breathing in or flattering angles).
And when I diet and train I really go strict,even eating fruit is like eating chocolate,thats right!!
I have not lost the plot but those simple sugars are actually very naughty!
Certain types of veg are full of carbs,I do still eat both but just the right type.And my biggest downfall is milk!
Even if your drinking low fat milk its still laden with sugar and carbs,so I started switching it to soya but did you know drinking soya on a regular basis can be bad for your fertility?
Oh god I am actually barmy,Im like gillian mckeith without actually analysing peoples poop of course.
I would like to go into more detail and I will be posting some healthy recipes but I think the hubbys business would go to pot if I gave all his secrets away!
Plus not every diet works for everyone
I have tried the cambridge,cabbage soup,atkins,keto,paleo and loads more!! And the best thing I did was get a tailored diet.
All this talk of food is making me hungry so im off to raid the cupboards.
My hands are actually sweating on the thought of publishing this but I need a good kick up the ass to pump some iron and say no to junk food!
Wish me luck :) x

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