Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Swishing party

I have heard about these swishing parties where you bring an item and go away with something else you might like.
Why are there none of these things in bolton?
All the cool things like these usually happen down south.
Id love to organize something like this online maybe on blogger,If something like this already goes on then please forgive me because I am somewhat behind the times!
Im sure we all have a outfit that is stuck in the wardrobe that someone else is lusting after?
What do you reckon ladies? And have any of you ever been to a swishing party? x


  1. I haven't been to a swish ,but like you am intrigued Jan xx

  2. If they don't have then there then you should set one up! My friend set one up, I can give you more details if you like? If not, suggest having one with friends. Pop a note on my blog if you want me to tell you more about them (I also arranged one at my son's school).Rx

  3. I know you sent your email address but can't find it anywhere (???) could you send it again please and I'll send you details.Rx