Tuesday, 6 March 2012

bad luck comes in three's :-/

Aaahh sunday night was the night from hell! We have not been getting a signal in our bedroom so the hubby climbed in the attic to fix the ariel,unfortunatly something fell out of his pocket and put a crack in the bath! I didnt know how thin baths were so blissfully unaware I run a bath! Relaxing I suddenly heard it leaking,my daughter came to my rescue by puttin her hand over the crack while I washed my hair and she even told me to get dry while it emptied.I thought the crack was the least of our worries till water was pouring through the kitchen ceiling :( to top it all off one of my back teeth cracked and half fell out and I have no dentist at the moment.So monday the mr had to book a day off work to buy a new bath,my brother leant us his b&q discount card so at least we get a 10% discount.Mr p's talents never end he fit it perfectly,first attempt! He turns his hand at anything,he definetly gets that from his mum.So they say back luck comes in threes so hopefully ours has ended.
Enough moaning from me,tune in later to see a HOW TO make a 20p unique dress!! x
                                  Our new bath
PS mr p has been extra busy by decorating chimney breast in our bedroom,how beautiful is this wallpaper from b&m bargains in the sale area for £1.49 per roll!!! x

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  1. Can i buy the tiles using my Discount cards? Or it is not accepted?