Thursday, 29 March 2012

Calling all thrifters your scrimpaholic needs you!!

Hello fellow bloggers just a quick post to say me and mr thrift will be doing a carboot on moor lane town centre carboot bolton on the 15th of april.
Were having a big clear out.
I was going to give some things on freecycle but I realised we have quite a bit and moneys tight and every little helps.
Were taking everything from clothes from mine and mr scrimps wardrobe
the kiddy winks clothes
kitchen appliences
bric a brac
lots of towels!! ( we have 50 I have actually counted! )
toys etc.... too many to mention!!
Hope to see you some of you there even if its just to say hello and grab a cuppa
I might even bring some cakes and a flask and some tea cups so we can have a natter :)
Hope you all have a great day x x

Mrs scrimp X


  1. 50 towels?! You absolute mentalist, haha! I'm pretty sure I'll be down on that day, if I'm not doing a fair! XO

    1. Haha I really don't know how I have acquired so many,they drive me mad! Ooh good stuff X

  2. Aww, shame you are too far away lol. If you are selling any kelly bags I will kick myself, I am in the market for one.
    Hello, btw, love your blog lol