Thursday, 15 March 2012

Strike a pose :-o

Thought id show you a few of my outfits,My little princess isabel took these pics she thinks im bonkers! It made her laugh and the yellow suit is her favourite.Bolton town centre had a table top sale I was pasing by and I thought it would be rude not to flick through the clothes and found this little beauty for £2!! :)
It has lovely little black butterflies all over,I love butterflies,complete with my new mini case with the most beautiful blue lining also £2 from salvation army.excuse the geeky faces and lack of war paint in all these pics,oh and hair like nora batty minus the stockings thank god!
awesome yellow and white knitted top £1! cropped jeans £6 asda sale,sailor pumps £3 primark
gold and lace skirt by juliette spatchett? I looked at this and instantly started singing madonna songs in my head,deranged I know but cool right? especially for £1.75

Having a read in my spoon back chair,if mr scrimp read this he would probably piss his sides because 'having a read' is the going for a number 2 in power tower,if your a prude then dont read on(pardon the pun) but it sounds more pleasant than 'im dropping some logs off at the timber yard' I have heard worse!
Am I the only one who finds toilet humour funny though?
cute book from 1980 in excellent condition for 95p also from sally army

New books to 'read' with my eyes!! from the lovely mr scrimp :) xx


  1. You look so cute in that yellow suit, it's fabulous! x

  2. Stumbled across your blog when checking in on Vix and thought if she follows you then I should have a look. Yellow suit looks scrum!! Toilet humor!! Over here my lads say they are dropping the kids off at the pools!!!

    1. oooh thank you, hahaha yea ive heard that one,makes me giggle everytime lol x