Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Recent thrifty finds from the shops

Recently I headed out with my mum to superdrug,I needed a hairdye.Priced at £7 for one or £10 for three it was a no brainer so I got two and my mum got one and we split the difference.
But on our way out my mum squeeled with delight at tights in the bargain basket for £10p a pair!! So I got 5 pairs and my mum got 4.
Mr scrimp came home last week feeling very pleased with himself,He headed to b&m bargains and when he got to the till the assistant said would you like this for 20p as its the last one?!
I have noticed his smile gets him everywhere but am I willing to pimp out my hubbys smile for discount stuff......
Nice big jug for hot summer days complete with glasses reduced from £3.99 to 20p! score!!!
I strolled past shoe market and thought id pop in,not sure why because some of the shoes can be a bit over priced for what they are but I spotted these gorgeous polkadot pumps reduced from £7.99 to £2.99
And even though I have my shoes stored in a 80litre tub and about 20 pairs still dont fit in I couldnt resist,I am a shoe addict.
Lush or what? Have you found any recent bargains?

Sunday, 27 May 2012

im blue dabba dee dabba diiii

This song randomly popped into my head after trying to describe the way I am feeling lately.Booo dont you just hate it when you have that dark cloud looming over you.
Its dragging me down more because I have no motivation what so ever,which also explains the lack of posts!
Lack of gym effort,doing more things with the kids just everything.This is not like me and I dont like it because I would like my happy soul back,if anyone finds it can you please send it in a vintage envelope addressed to moi?!

 On the plus side mr scrimp made me a three course meal today,this is a big shocker because he never cooks for me!! He burns pans all the time and so the cooking just gets left to me but it was nice to be wined and dined complete with candles.

We had a red onion and cheese ciabiatta for starters,sausage and bean casserole for main and a giant sunday for desert sprinkled with my favourite sweeties (mini jelly babies) The big ones are minging they have to be the mini green and purple ones yum yum.I am a lucky lady
Hopefully I will be back to my normal self soon and if anyone can speed up this process it would be very much appreciated.Hope you have all had a great weekend xxx

Friday, 25 May 2012

its party time mother chuckers!!!

Hello ladies just a quick post before I head out to my uncles 50th birthday,its going to be crazy and I cant wait because I never really head out and let my hair down.Ill get some snaps for everyone,Hope you all have a great evening :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My secret sister is amazeballs!! :)

Hey ladies,after a morning out with my mum and watching the little one pick flowers and play with worms :-/
I headed home to see mr scrimp had decorated the living room,aahhh I love it but more on this another time.
My secret sister package arrived :-) I was excited and just the pick me up I needed.
She had wrapped the outside too in shiny silver wrapping paper,cue my excited face trying to open it.The scissors come out because I could'nt contain my excitement.I have the same problem at christmas and birthdays etc... Even worse when I buy for someone else because I cant keep a secret and have to tell them what it is!
                                   shiny shiny!! I am a magpie
Once I was through the paper I revealed my box complete with polkadot wrapping paper,my fave! I have the same roll.
I opened it and lots of confetti come out,Which was beautiful as Its our wedding In 12 weeks time!! :)
She had also wrote a little letter which was lovely.
And here is what's in my sweet package
I couldn't fit on the apron what she also gave me.Awww im so chuffed with what I have
my favourite chocolate,hot chocolate,cross stitch,a candle,face mask,home made soap which smells lovely,more confetti,sweeties for the kids (how thoughtful),a magnet (I love the keep calm stuff and I have been wanting more magnets,some bath salts which smell lush! a card to only open on our wedding day,and socks (the socks made me giggle because apparently I didn't own socks when we moved in according to mr scrimp.Whats actually happened is he has claimed all my socks and so its a long running joke,well HA I will have the last laugh because they are girly and only for my tootsies :-p
So this evening I will be soaking in the bath with a hot chocolate eating chocolate,with the bath salts in,testing out my new soap all by candle light.aahhhh bliss
Thank you so much lisa at!! All I would like to know is if you can trade your biological sister for a secret one?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Local giveaway and thrifty finds

Helloooooo there ladies
Me and mr scrimp are de cluttering and certainly not one to throw something away we thought we would offer them on here.We have a 70s coffee table and my beautiful tea trolley :(
I promised my very patient other half I would get rid of said items for a kitchen table,By the way can you believe he loathes formica tables???!!! no taste,enough said
But he has stuck to his end of the bargain so if anyone could give these a good home then they are yours to collect.

Well here is my thrifty finds
 magazine from 1944,I love it! I may frame this.It was free!!!
 9 house proud magazines from 1950s in sequence too £5
 Gorgeous pink & blue pyrex dishes £2 for both,These was going on ebay but I cant part with them

 Lush jug!! how gorgeous is this!! £1.29 charity shop in birkenhead.... day trip :-/
 BNWT cherry dress from a charity shop in warrington £5.50
Salter scales £1.50 from a bootsale

Sorry for the lack of blogging I have had so much on physically and emotionally but I am back!!
Watch this space!
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend x x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

my poor mum,apologies bloggers

A few of you wondered why I have been so quiet of late.Well after getting over jet lag and tackling a mountain of washing I have just been trying to get back to the norm.Cooking,tidying,charity shopping etc...
Heading shopping this morn with my bezzy mate I had a call off my brother to say my mums partner had sadly passed away.Not going into too much detail but my heart pours out for my mum.
How awful to have lost her partner after 5 years together.Truth be told he started drinking 10yrs ago after his marriage ended.Hardly a big one either,You would never see him trashed so to speak.
But his liver has sadly failed and he passed away this morning after a horrendous detox.
Now you may not have sympathy as its self inflicted but Im sure we have all been partial to one to many drinks blissfully unaware of the damage casual drinking can do.He was a pleasant man,full of tall tales of past days,always happy and he made my mum happy.
Im going to keep it short for today as I have lots to do,just thought Id let my followers know I have not deserted you
Hope all is well,love

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Were back from our jollys!!

Hola!! Aaaahhh we had a fabulous time but how I have missed blogger and charity shops
We got back to our humble abode about 3am,I so miss the weather but it was nice to climb into our memory foam bed.....HEAVEN!
Well where do I start,The weather was beautiful and so is the country.It was so clean and the locals were friendly.The hotel was spectacular and so was the food hence the reason why my clothes are now tighter.But it was all inc so I thought it would be rude not to sample all the food and tea and cakes and numerous ice cream throughout the day.
The kids loved it,The entertainers couldn't have done enough.Starting work at 8am and not finishing till 11pm working in the kids club,praticing routines for adult entertainment at night they really worked for their money!
We could see the volcanos from our hotel,the view is beautiful and it was strange to see them.The locals grow grape vines in the volcanic rock!
We went to the beach,went go karting,ventured to the market,the town,the zoo and the rest of the time we vegged out.
Well for now I will keep it short and sweet so I can eagerly read all the blogs I have missed all week and tuck into and chinese with the mr ;)
Tell me everyone what have I missed?? x x

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Well hello there my lovelys

Maybe a few of you wondered where I have been? Well im back now,not been anywhere in particular just seriously not enough hours in the day lately and I have been burning the candles at both ends.
I have missed blogging but I was making myself seriously ill not getting enough sleep, I needed some deserved rest.
Not that I got much with the girls,mr scrimp and sales to deal with but its all good now.I am feeling much better and we have a holiday to look forward to this friday,a week in lanzarote with the inlaws.
They have kindly funded our first holiday together as a family and I can tell you it is a very well deserved break.
I will be thinking of you all when I am sipping on a strawberry daiquiri on the beach sunning both sets of cheeks aaahhhhhh!
I am actually going to miss my little blogging buddies and catching up on what everyone has been upto.
So please do fill me in on what I have missed over the past week or so I am a nosy cow ;)

Mrs scrimp x x