Friday, 30 March 2012

From bed cover to a dress £0.00

Well the title says it all.I got given tons of fabric,sheets and duvet covers off my uncle.
I had to admit I didnt really fancy this cover for my bed for some reason,I wanted to give it a new lease of life.
It was a sheet of fabric about 20 years ago when my aunty turned it into a duvet cover.It then some years later was stored away after she sadly passed 8 years ago.
You cant even imagine how much I was sweating about to cut this cover it felt wrong and ungrateful but after being in a bedding box for years I wanted other people to see it other than me and mr scrimp.
So I decided to have a bash at making a dress,Id love to do a detailed tutorial or say I even followed a pattern but I cant follow patterns to save my life!
I had a 50s style in my head and scrawled it on a piece of paper,I measured my shoulder width,chest,waist and the length because I knew the hips would be free.
I laid out the fabric and chalked out the pieces for the top going off my measurements then the same for the skirt leaving enough for seam allowance.
Then I hemmed the edges,added a zip and stitched the front and back together leaving a hole for my head and arms to go through.
I actually nearly stitched it all the way round not concentrating :-/
But here is the end result what do you think? Do you think I have done it justice?
What have you upcycled from leftover fabric? Id love to see your creations x x

PS Sorry for the lack of war paint,didnt mean to give you a freight,I have gone au naturel
PPS  Here's what our pooch rosie thought of me chittering away to her while sewing!

Ooooh how fabulous is mr scrimp!

Hello everyone
               Well today was a strange experience! My brother popped round this morning and said he was heading to manchester so I thought id tag along.Looking in the posh shops over 5 years ago would have give me a thrill but now I dont have a flutter of interest,I couldnt help thinking where all the charity shops were instead.
After my brothers designer branded haul I headed home and to my surprise mr scrimp had been thrifting and has found some beautiful things :-O
These here probably mean more than anything hes ever bought me because hes searched for something he knew id love instead of handing me some vouchers or something way overpriced! And believe me this man has spoiled me rotten over the years but I much prefer it when he offers to take me to the carboot.
Heres what he found :)

heres the identical dress I found for 50p the other day,whoever made these must of had twins,I love it!
3 cake tins for £1!!
Last year I moaned for a mac that was still warm on the inside and this one is lined with wool,happy days!  A full ONE POUND BARGAIN!!

Heres my absolute fave!! look how beautiful this necklace is and for £2 what a beauty it is :)

Heres my other surprise,My wardrobe is so jam packed not to mention boxes around the house filled with clothes most of which will be going to the car boot in a couple of weeks.
My mum gave us this rail so he took it to work the other day and sprayed it and popped it up and hung up some of my favourite things.
Ah what a darling :) x x

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Calling all thrifters your scrimpaholic needs you!!

Hello fellow bloggers just a quick post to say me and mr thrift will be doing a carboot on moor lane town centre carboot bolton on the 15th of april.
Were having a big clear out.
I was going to give some things on freecycle but I realised we have quite a bit and moneys tight and every little helps.
Were taking everything from clothes from mine and mr scrimps wardrobe
the kiddy winks clothes
kitchen appliences
bric a brac
lots of towels!! ( we have 50 I have actually counted! )
toys etc.... too many to mention!!
Hope to see you some of you there even if its just to say hello and grab a cuppa
I might even bring some cakes and a flask and some tea cups so we can have a natter :)
Hope you all have a great day x x

Mrs scrimp X

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Swishing party

I have heard about these swishing parties where you bring an item and go away with something else you might like.
Why are there none of these things in bolton?
All the cool things like these usually happen down south.
Id love to organize something like this online maybe on blogger,If something like this already goes on then please forgive me because I am somewhat behind the times!
Im sure we all have a outfit that is stuck in the wardrobe that someone else is lusting after?
What do you reckon ladies? And have any of you ever been to a swishing party? x
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How strange or is it just me?

Today I had another trip to the dentist! so while near a few charity shops I thought it would be rude not to nip in.
First one I went in and was flicking through portraits on the floor and I spotted this and I love it!
For one whole pound she was coming home with me,she quite reminds me of me as a baby what do you think?
I nearly squeeled with excitement when I found this pretty home made dress for my eldest isabel,and for 50p I couldnt leave it behind.
And much to the hubbys dismay of my bag and shoe collection I found this lovely handbag for £2
After my post yesterday of things I was lusting over my main one has to be a larder.But I just cant afford what people are asking for them,Then I realised my brother is excellent at making anything with wood.
So this weekend were heading to a reclaimation yard to get some wood so he can make me one.
Heres his recent make,His beloved fish tank stand
He said it will be ready in a few weeks as he works long hours working for the ambulance service,I cant wait to see it and I cant wait to show you x

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I am lusting over these,aahhhh swoon! x

                   I have always wanted a larder
                       country cottage chic,looks very cosy
               aah I would have to have them all
                           A bigger larder,I think id have both ;)
                              ooh lala
                          I will have one of these sofas one day
                     amazing kitchen
                       I love singer sewing machines,id be scared of touching it though
                 im so lusting after a wedding dress like these its actually making me sad :(
            how gorgeous is this!!

Im going to have to rob a bank or create a time machine so I can go back in time x

Monday, 26 March 2012

motivation woes,help needed!

Hey fellow bloggers how are you? Hope your all enjoying the sunshine,I no I did until......
I realised ALL my clothes are getting tight. :( Now I am not one of those girls who picks at lettuce leafs I like my grub but I do like to stay relatively slim and toned,although I have appreciated more junk in my trunk so to speak.I still do eat pretty much what I want within reason as long as I am burning more calories than I am taking in,or maintaining it.
Now I could just continue eating what I want and not training but then I would have to buy a new wardrobe and donate my old clothes but I dont want to do that because I am somewhat a hoarder!
Problem is I have no motivation lately which is really annoying me because I do love a challenge.
Summers on its way and I miss my abs so I am going to kick my ass into shape starting monday,plenty of time to stuff my face ;)
I have made this public declaration so I cant back out,even going as far as posting a pic of myself,possibly in some unflattering big knix at the start of day one so I can see my progress,(no breathing in or flattering angles).
And when I diet and train I really go strict,even eating fruit is like eating chocolate,thats right!!
I have not lost the plot but those simple sugars are actually very naughty!
Certain types of veg are full of carbs,I do still eat both but just the right type.And my biggest downfall is milk!
Even if your drinking low fat milk its still laden with sugar and carbs,so I started switching it to soya but did you know drinking soya on a regular basis can be bad for your fertility?
Oh god I am actually barmy,Im like gillian mckeith without actually analysing peoples poop of course.
I would like to go into more detail and I will be posting some healthy recipes but I think the hubbys business would go to pot if I gave all his secrets away!
Plus not every diet works for everyone
I have tried the cambridge,cabbage soup,atkins,keto,paleo and loads more!! And the best thing I did was get a tailored diet.
All this talk of food is making me hungry so im off to raid the cupboards.
My hands are actually sweating on the thought of publishing this but I need a good kick up the ass to pump some iron and say no to junk food!
Wish me luck :) x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

weekend thrifting frolics with mr scrimp & mum

Hey everyone im back!! :-) the computer has been brought back from hard drive heaven!
I was deeply saddened as I use it on a daily basis as well as my phone.I wonder what it would be like to live without them both for a week? I think id crumble :-/
Enough jibberish fellow thrifters here's my weekend bargains.
I decided on saturday that me and mr scrimp needed to spend more time together, he works long hours,crazy shifts,football training,our gym commitments,he also owns infinity fitness doing tailored diets and training programmes.
I have recently set up a cleaning firm and juggling the girls and a home to keep not to mention keeping my sanity in check...where did I leave it again?
I have also been selling a few of my vintage stuff although it is hard to part with half of it.
Mr scrimp had sacrificed a footy match to go charity shopping with me!!
Yes thats right,the man who has never stepped foot in a charity shop spent the full day in them with me for the first time,and on the same day that bolton played their first match after fabrice muambas heart attack :-( get well soon!!
We decided to head to bury,well we was originally going to ramsbottom but after a slight detour ahem got lost we was in bury.
First shop we went in I spotted a dafydd snowden design suit,mr scrimp was not keen at all but I can just picture wearing it with some nice chunky knee high boots so that has been stored away for winter.Whether or not this stays in my wardrobe remains to be seen?
After a few more shops I spotted a lovely coat in the back and sort of haggled my way in!
It was nice but not £40 nice!! But I did spot a lovely cocktail dress adorned with lace and beads and in perfect condition,I suppose it could be worn as a wedding dress for a sophisticated bride?
She wanted £15 and I happily paid because its pretty.
We was coming to the end of our chazza shops in bury and I was getting sulky because I had the worst tooth ache ever!! But I soldiered on and we headed to ramsbottom where I got a river island peplum dress for £4 and a lovely heart brooch for £1.
After hours of trawling and my mouth throbbing we headed home,never the less a lovely day along with some beautiful weather. Mr scrimp was flat out after thrifting,bless
After a long sleep I wasnt feeling too bad,the pain killers helped!! My mum rang to wake me at 7 and asked if I wanted to go to the boot sale,whats wrong with you mother its 7am!!
But of course my answer was Im getting up now, trackies on and hair scraped back (yes I did look like a scab) downed a coffee and we was off!
And here's my aladdins cave of beauty's,Oh my!! :)
                                50p for both,eggs and soldiers for breaky :)
                                £1,size 18 but it comes with a neck tie which im using as a belt,so pretty
                               sewing box for my tidbits ,needs tlc but a bargain for a £1

                                  50p each,I love old bottles
                           recent chazza shop buy,how did you get here? £1.99
                                    polkadot and bows?!! 50p!! oh yes your coming with me!!!!
                            tartan min,mr scrimp likes this,50p!!!
                           tons of craft mags £1
                            these funny signs are going in my room 50p each

                                dresses for zoe jane (youngest) 20p each!!
                                quirky dress for moi!! 50p
                                this is coming on my jollys! £2
                       to do crafty facinators with and a 80s bow, 4 for £1
                                  very lush stockings 50p
                                to keep my bills tidy!! booo for bills yes for this pretty for 50p!!
                     FREE!!! yes the nice gent who gave me the westclox clock spotted me looking at this and he insisted I take it,how lovely :)
         wibble wobble wibble wobble jelly on a plate,30p of some crazy but funny dude from colne
                           suductive pencil skirts the pair for a £1

                            pretty shift dress,I cant remember if it was £1 or £2 but either way its nice,Ill need to take it in a bit though. And last but no means least,my favourite buy of the day,this amazing 60s dress for £5,It feels fab on and surprisingly mr scrimp loves it!! result!

How was your weekend everyone?
 I did go thrifting happy this weekend but I picked up tonnes of bargains for a fraction of highstreet prices,happy days :) x