Sunday, 11 March 2012

Tea and scones anyone?

Hey ladies,
               Thought id give the old girl a push and bring her back to life.I love my tea trolley!! :)
I was wondering what you fashionistas think of my apron? I have really wanted a fancy one but some of those ones are stupidly over priced! So outcome susie the sewing machine!! With being a full time home maker and I love being creative I have considered getting my sewing skills really upto scratch then I could make crafts to try and sell online?
Now what I really need is honesty,Constructive critisism will be most helpfull.
Would you change anything?
What would a fair price be?
And most of all do you think these would actually sell?

Hope you have all had a great weekend :) x x


  1. This is very nice. I would probably want mine to be a bit longer but I like the frill detail. I'm not sure what a fair price would be really. Best check out the sold section of Ebay for similar products and see what they went for. Also, I love the trolly! x

    1. Thank you,I appreciate your honesty.
      Good idea ill check it out x

  2. They'd definitely sell if you modelled them! I think you've done a wonderful job. Vintage aprons always sell well on eBay. It might be worth you checking Etsy out, too. x

    1. Aawww thanks vix :) ooh I didnt think of etsy,Thanks chic xx