Saturday, 3 March 2012

unique shoes on a budget

Hey ladies,now we all love a new pair of heels but they are so bloody expensive and they hurt like hell till you have worn them in! So why not let someone else do the hard work for you??
I found these sky high beauties on the car boot for the bargain price of 50p!! Ill be honest and you can see from the pictures that they was mingingly dirty and I did not want to pop my tootsies in those bad boys! So I gave them a thourough clean and I could now start to give them a new lease of life.I bought some mesh butterflies with diamontes on (bling bling) :) for £2 from abhakan textiles.Newspaper on the floor not to damage the hubys much loved rug,armed with my trusty super glue (sorry but I refuse to pay £8 for craft glue!) I was ready to go.I put a blob of glue on the back and waited for 20 seconds till it started goin tacky and I popped it on the chosen place and held it tight.By the way I had latex gloves on with a bit of vaseline on the tips so I didnt stick my fingers to the shoe,yes I am that clumsy! needless to say in two minutes I had some custom made shoes at the bargain price of £2.50 happy days :)
What do you think? x
                            eewww sweaty feet or what I like to call toe jam!!
                                         clean shoe and glue at the ready
                                   trust me im a crafter
                                  ta daaaaaaaaa


  1. These are lovely! Very pretty & original.

    Catherine, XO.

    1. Aawww thank u,I'm lovin ur brogues wot a great idea.iv only worn mine once so I think they need digging out x

  2. These turned out great! Awesome find!