Monday, 23 April 2012

thrifting,disbelief,sadness & happiness :-/

Hello there,if anyone is actually reading and I am not blogging into the depths of blogosphere?
Well sunday I decided to head to a boot sale trying to find bargains instead of selling them,much more relaxing and enjoyable :) here's what I found
 beautiful earrings and brooch
 fab 50s/60s atomic mag rack
 This sexy little beauty is going straight on my wall £5
 pastel blue teapot :) 75p
 count your blessings plaque 60p
 lush gravy boat and dish 50p
The magazine rack is on ebay at the moment and I am unsure whether to part with the jewellery?
Well anyway sorry for the lack of blogging,I am so busy lately hunting for stock for ebay while trying to be the best mum and housewife I can be.And trying to fit in a bit of sleep is also nice :)
Well just as I was about to leave earlier to pick my eldest up from school I wondered where the littlest pram was??! Mind on overload going frantic I felt a wave of sadness wash over me and wonder whether mr scrimp could be so dim at times.Turns out yes!
He had sold his car at the weekend to a nice chap in shropshire and mr scrimp had only left the pram in the boot!
Now I might be a scrimper but zoe jane is our youngest and mr scrimps first and only child so she does get spoiled I suppose.As well as my eldest but I can see my scrimpy genes in her lol
Well zoe has a juicy couture pram not a cheap pram! Not what I really wanted,I really wanted her to have a silvercross balmoral coachbuilt pram but she got her princess chariot as mr scrimp calls it.
Finally finding the guys number we gave him a call and luckilly he has been very polite and arranged for us to come and collect it.It quite easilly could of turned out differently,He could of told us to swivel and we wouldnt have a leg to stand on!
Note to self,always ask mr scrimp if he has forgotten anything,ask if he needs to toilet etc....
But to make up for the slight lousy day he got me a prezzy 
How was your weekend?  has your other half done anything dim lately? :-p x x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tales from the bootsale,lots of selling & a little buying ;)

Well helloooooo there! This weekend was a little different,I usually head to the car boot as a buyer but I had lots of stuff going unused and one girls junk is another's treasure hey?
My brother picked me up at half 5 while mr scrimp and our youngest zoe had a lie in.
Rolling up everywhere was packed we headed to the office but they couldn't find our booking for my table,the thought of taking it all back home dreaded me but luckily after about 15mins he found it,phew!
Setting up at the front of the market back to back with two lovely ladies,A angry seller appeared claiming I had her table! Accusing me of stealing her spot and saying I had not booked it!
I can be reserved but when she continued to make untrue accusations I gave her a gob full back.
I do not and will not tolerate bullies, the lovely ladies decided to help me out but I really stood my ground.I am not really a morning person,especially if someone angers me from my sleepy state.
Needless to say said goon had got the wrong spot,but did I get a apology? Did I balls!
Rant over! Stuff was flying off my table,I was really pleased and felt a sense of achievement :)
But I was ready for the daydreaming hagglers,These are the type that are basically hoping you will give it them for free.For example I said I wanted 50p for a brand new bag,and the guy actually said I will give you 45p! Come on seriously?
After a heated start to the day and biting my tongue at certain times and even catching a foreign thief stealing off my stall I was still pleased I went....honest
After my £16 stall fee I headed home with £60 odd quid richer,Happy days :)
But of course I popped by my two favourite stalls,There really is some lovely sellers on there.Its nice to have a chin wag.
And here's what snook home with me
 3 puppets for our girls,50p
 fab 60,70s light shade £1
 7 rolls of unused wallpaper from the 70s,£1 for the lot! I bought 3 but they give me the extra 4
 two kitsch deer £1
 I couldnt help but think of the lovely catherine at as she had found the same pegs weeks ago,I dont want to open them they are so cute £1
 Gorgeous glass shade 25p!!
Lush orange tupperware tub 50p

Now I said I would be back with a post to show you what mr scrimp found the other night but I am still getting round to prettifying it,There is not enough hours in the day lately.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend,Did you find anything? x x

Thursday, 12 April 2012

No wedding snobbery here!

Hello fellow bloggers I thought id share a bit of my wedding with you
As a little girl I pictured marrying my prince and living in a big castle but reality hits and I have met my prince only he rolled up in his white focus instead of a white horse ;)
Now when I picture my wedding I didnt care how where or when I just know I have met my soul mate and I would marry him anywhere,would anyone like a sick bucket before I carry on? no? ok then....
Well originally we was going to go gretna green but after hotels food travelling etc it would still cost a bomb so we are getting married in bolton,granted the church is a whopping £600 and odd but this church is beautiful

Worth its weight in gold? me thinks so :) Plus regristrar offices wouldnt fit in our familys combined,I along have 10 siblings,47 nieces and nephews,I am a great aunty 6 times over and dont even get me started on my aunts uncles and cousins and I do have to invite mr scrimps side :-P And the parish church fits in hundreds so its perfect.
We have scrimped where we can on money though and not luxury.My wedding bouquet was going to cost about £80 for a simple one but the lovely old dear showed me how to make mine on which I do a tutorial on.My mother in law made mine though,artificial but they are beautiful and I can save them

The top bouquet is mine,the middle is for my bridesmaids and the baskets are for my flower girls

She also made our invites,I love them.My MIL turns her hand at anything!

The flower girls dresses were £11 each!! and the suits £13 each,my mother in law found a wholesalers of kids clothes and they was there,how beautiful and what a steal!!
My wedding shoes for £1 off the carboot last sunday,A lot of people disapproved but I dont give a shit because I think they are beautiful and no one will see my feet under my dress! I bought my dress about 10 months ago but I cant show you a pic because its at my inlaws other wise I would wear it every day!
I bought it for £150 the bridal shop was falling down upstairs and so the owner said you can take any dress for £200 but I haggled a little ;) this gown had a tag for £600! I told her it had made my day and she said at least one of us is happy! Ouch!
But I have since found my dream 50s dress for £200 so I would really like them both,Plus two dresses for £350 I know brides who spend triple that on one dress...FOOLS!
And heres my wedding ring
It cost me £6!! from a vintage style agency in stockport,now lots of people turned their noses up at this but I politely told them to piss off and I would wear a haribo as a wedding ring but on second thoughts I would probably eat it before we leave the church!
Well I hope you enjoyed my post I will continue to top it up with more things we have scrimped on but I think I best leave it here as its turning into a book!!
OOoohhh keep an eye out for my next post on what mr scrimp found .... x

Friday, 6 April 2012

acrylics on a budget

Hey ladies,
I love having my nails done but hate the price tag! cheapest I have found is £20!
So I headed to my local market and found these luscious green nail tips for £1.99! The acrylic set was £6 I think?
so my scabby chipped nails at the ready
Armed with my tips and tub of nail goodies,I keep them tidy in a old plastic takeaway tray so they are not everywhere

I got the fab pink nail clippers from b&m bargains for £1.99! others I have seen are really expensive,I am sure you could find a cheap pair on ebay though.

STEP 1. I removed the bits of polish off my nails and give them a buff with a nail file

STEP 2. I chose the right tips for my nails and lined them up before I started so its quick and easy

STEP 3. I applied a bit of glue to the ends waited a few seconds then pressed the nail on the tip of my natural nail and held for 10 seconds until dry,I then proceeded with the rest of my left hand.

STEP 4. Making sure the glue is completly dry I clipped them to the desired length,Then I repeated step 3 & 4 to my right hand.
I always make sure the tips are on both hands before I apply the acrylic because leaving this stuff on the brush too long can harden it really quickly leaving it unusable.

STEP 5. I poured a little acrylic liquid into its lid,unscrewed the acrylic powder lid,Old face cloth or kitchen tissue to hand I dampen the brush into the liquid and wipe of the excess.
I dip it in again then dip it into the powder at an angle being careful not to drop the gel into the full tub of powder! After gelling each nail I wipe off the excess so I dont get a build up of gel on the brush.

STEP 6. I place the blob of gel where the tip meets my natural nail (in the middle of my nail bed) I then mould it around my nail and give it a few upward sweeps with the nail brush.

STEP 7. Repeat every nail,then give them a good buff with a nail file.Give them a top coat and ta daaaa
Make sure you wash your nail brush with nail varnish remover so it does not go hard so its useable for next time.And there you have it acrylic nails for about £2=£18 saving! RESULT!!
I am no nail professional I am simply a scrimper who loves saving money but refuses to give up on luxurys to look like a hobo.
Hope you found my tutorial easy,Will you be trying this for yourself? x x

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Boot sale finds :)

After a late night last night I wasnt going to bother with the carboot but my mum wakes me up early every sunday without fail and I forgot to tell her I was going to have a lie in.But she rang and I thought why not and im glad I did.
There is nothing I like more than chatting to the traders,having a good nosy and there is something thrilling about being up and about fresh as a daisy finding something fabulous for next to nothing.
I was pulling tight on my purse strings as I am saving up for this amazing dress for our wedding in august :-D Im so excited!!!!
How beautiful is this?!! it just makes me want to cry everytime I look at this picture because I love it so much I think its £198
Well here's my finds
 Iv seen this for the past few weeks but he looked so sad and had to come home with me for 50p
 To pop my spoon on after making a cuppa 50p
 Butter dish,I have been after one for ages £2
 Paisley smock top or shift dress? £1
 dress and matching jacket
 I just fell in love with the print and the feel of the material 50p
 black lurex dress
 How fab are the colours in this?!! 50p
 This reminded me of my child hood,I had a massive dress up box and I had something very similar
 70s table cloth 50p
 another table cloth for £1.50
 laura ashley dress,the print is just so girly,also reminded me of my childhood as I used to always prance around in my sisters laura ashley dresses. £1

 I just loved the colours of this bag also £1

 This is for the huby as he had a similar doll as a child haha £1.50
pretty clip ons 50p
Total spend £12.50 ( I also got a coat for my mum but forgot to take a pic which set me back a whopping 50p!! ;)
After the boot sale I popped upto the nursing home to see my dad hes 75 but still fit as a fiddle,We was having a laugh and realising that I must get my old style and taste from him.Our childhood home was an antique dealers dream and full of vintage EVERYTHING! sadly my dad let our childhood home go with pretty much everything in it.Maybe thats why I collect odd bits and pieces because thats how I have always been?
How lovely are these pics
 This is my grandad,nanna my uncle (the eldest) and my dad with the ball.Dont let my nans dainty ladylike features fool you,This woman was feisty as hell,hmmm maybe I get that from my nanna?

Heres my grandad looking awesome in his uniform

Well folks thats all for now,I have a date with my sewing machine
Hope you have all had a nice sunday :)
x x x