Saturday, 10 March 2012

more pretty finds :)

Hey everyone,just a quick post to show my lovely finds.
                                 pretty teaspoons £4 tips for cleaning them,anyone??
                               bloody gorgeous 80s yellow dress, £2.50
                                  pure silk sanderson cushion for my boudoir 50p!!!
                          pretty quilted jacket thats reversable £1.75
                          amazing print nighty £1.99
                            electric blue 70s maxi, £2.95!
theres no pool in here?? bathing suit from my post the other day £1.99 :)
Now everyone its time to get my sewing machine out while I have some quiet time,hmmmm what to try and make?? I am so excited to go to my mums tommorow,my uncle david has very kindly give me some old bedding,sheets and material with funky retro prints to do crafts with.
Have a great weekend  x x x


  1. You look fantastic in that swimsuit and the yellow dress and I'm dying over the blue frock and the quilted jacket, what luck you have!
    If those spoons aren't silver pop them in an ovenproof dish lined with foil, add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda, cover with boiling water and leave for around an hour. Rinse and polish and you should have shiny spoons.
    Have a fab weekend! xxx

    1. Thanks hunni,I picked up a lacey bed jacket today too its gorgeous.
      Thanks for the tip,ill give it a try.
      Have a great night out,your bag is on its way xxx

  2. Do you know if these spoons are silver or not? Nice finds!

    1. theres no hallmark so im assuming their not silver,thank you :) x

  3. Suppose I won't be getting the bathing suit :( you look fab in it!
    Missed you at the fair, did you not make it in the end or could you not find me? Doing the Altrincham market next Sunday. X

    1. If I decide not to keep it then you have first dibs,ill keep my eye open at the meantime,awww thank you :)I missed it,I was so gutted all day but to be honest I didnt really have any money spare and I knew I would want everything just because I couldnt have it.
      How was the fair? ooh I have never been to the one in altrincham.I need to give myself the push to get a stall and see how I go xx