Thursday, 12 April 2012

No wedding snobbery here!

Hello fellow bloggers I thought id share a bit of my wedding with you
As a little girl I pictured marrying my prince and living in a big castle but reality hits and I have met my prince only he rolled up in his white focus instead of a white horse ;)
Now when I picture my wedding I didnt care how where or when I just know I have met my soul mate and I would marry him anywhere,would anyone like a sick bucket before I carry on? no? ok then....
Well originally we was going to go gretna green but after hotels food travelling etc it would still cost a bomb so we are getting married in bolton,granted the church is a whopping £600 and odd but this church is beautiful

Worth its weight in gold? me thinks so :) Plus regristrar offices wouldnt fit in our familys combined,I along have 10 siblings,47 nieces and nephews,I am a great aunty 6 times over and dont even get me started on my aunts uncles and cousins and I do have to invite mr scrimps side :-P And the parish church fits in hundreds so its perfect.
We have scrimped where we can on money though and not luxury.My wedding bouquet was going to cost about £80 for a simple one but the lovely old dear showed me how to make mine on which I do a tutorial on.My mother in law made mine though,artificial but they are beautiful and I can save them

The top bouquet is mine,the middle is for my bridesmaids and the baskets are for my flower girls

She also made our invites,I love them.My MIL turns her hand at anything!

The flower girls dresses were £11 each!! and the suits £13 each,my mother in law found a wholesalers of kids clothes and they was there,how beautiful and what a steal!!
My wedding shoes for £1 off the carboot last sunday,A lot of people disapproved but I dont give a shit because I think they are beautiful and no one will see my feet under my dress! I bought my dress about 10 months ago but I cant show you a pic because its at my inlaws other wise I would wear it every day!
I bought it for £150 the bridal shop was falling down upstairs and so the owner said you can take any dress for £200 but I haggled a little ;) this gown had a tag for £600! I told her it had made my day and she said at least one of us is happy! Ouch!
But I have since found my dream 50s dress for £200 so I would really like them both,Plus two dresses for £350 I know brides who spend triple that on one dress...FOOLS!
And heres my wedding ring
It cost me £6!! from a vintage style agency in stockport,now lots of people turned their noses up at this but I politely told them to piss off and I would wear a haribo as a wedding ring but on second thoughts I would probably eat it before we leave the church!
Well I hope you enjoyed my post I will continue to top it up with more things we have scrimped on but I think I best leave it here as its turning into a book!!
OOoohhh keep an eye out for my next post on what mr scrimp found .... x


  1. I love it all and cannot wait for more photos now. Good for you. 20 years ago me and TOF got married in our own back yard with just 4 friends and a Justice of the Peace. We had a Black Forest Gateau for our cake and ate and drank well into the night. So big thumbs up to you doing it your way, that after all is the most important thing, doing what makes you happy. ♥

    1. Awww thanks sue you always leave such lovely comments.Wow that sounds so beautiful and intimate,I would of loved that but TOH wanted everyone there,either way it will be fab.oooh black forrest gateau I love it! xx

    2. we had a really tight wedding budget, and as we were going with a rock theme to wedding in register office playing ac/dc I wore a hellbunny dress which only cost me £28, along with a shrug for a fiver from ebay and leggings which were a fiver from Asda. I wore a pair of new rock boots which I already had, and also got a full length leather jacket for £28 from ebay for the outside stuff as it was minus 2 on our wedding day! Hubby's outfit cost a bit more as he didn't already have new rock boots, but all in I think we only spent about £300 on clothes, accessories and flowers (also from ebay!) we had what we wanted a small register office intimate celebration with immediate family only. That church is bloody gorgeous! Just happened on your blog by clicking a link on someone else's, have you already got married or is it coming up?

    3. That sounds fab! I love hell bunny dresses too.
      Awww thanks,we get married in august I cant wait x