Monday, 23 April 2012

thrifting,disbelief,sadness & happiness :-/

Hello there,if anyone is actually reading and I am not blogging into the depths of blogosphere?
Well sunday I decided to head to a boot sale trying to find bargains instead of selling them,much more relaxing and enjoyable :) here's what I found
 beautiful earrings and brooch
 fab 50s/60s atomic mag rack
 This sexy little beauty is going straight on my wall £5
 pastel blue teapot :) 75p
 count your blessings plaque 60p
 lush gravy boat and dish 50p
The magazine rack is on ebay at the moment and I am unsure whether to part with the jewellery?
Well anyway sorry for the lack of blogging,I am so busy lately hunting for stock for ebay while trying to be the best mum and housewife I can be.And trying to fit in a bit of sleep is also nice :)
Well just as I was about to leave earlier to pick my eldest up from school I wondered where the littlest pram was??! Mind on overload going frantic I felt a wave of sadness wash over me and wonder whether mr scrimp could be so dim at times.Turns out yes!
He had sold his car at the weekend to a nice chap in shropshire and mr scrimp had only left the pram in the boot!
Now I might be a scrimper but zoe jane is our youngest and mr scrimps first and only child so she does get spoiled I suppose.As well as my eldest but I can see my scrimpy genes in her lol
Well zoe has a juicy couture pram not a cheap pram! Not what I really wanted,I really wanted her to have a silvercross balmoral coachbuilt pram but she got her princess chariot as mr scrimp calls it.
Finally finding the guys number we gave him a call and luckilly he has been very polite and arranged for us to come and collect it.It quite easilly could of turned out differently,He could of told us to swivel and we wouldnt have a leg to stand on!
Note to self,always ask mr scrimp if he has forgotten anything,ask if he needs to toilet etc....
But to make up for the slight lousy day he got me a prezzy 
How was your weekend?  has your other half done anything dim lately? :-p x x


  1. Fab finds, especially the mag rack and the teapot. Some charity shops try and charge £4 for teapots like that, which is bonkers!Just wanted to reassure you that you're not talking to yourself - it can feel like that sometimes can't it!

    1. Thank you,some charity shops these days are a joke these days with the prices! Thanks for the reassurance ;) x

  2. that magazine rack took me back, my aunt had one in 80s when i was little!!

    1. Its fab isnt it,I love it when I come across something from my childhood brings back memories :) x

  3. Nice finds! I hope, you'll find some real hidden treasures for your Ebay business!

    1. Thank you that's very nice of you to say so.your comment has made my day :) x

  4. Love the first set of jewels!!! Glad you got your pram back, and how lovely to get a Oooops I stuffed up girt from Mr Scrimp!!! He's a bloke, they do tend to have ooopses!!!

  5. I am pleased to hear you will get the pram back! I bet your hubby is very relieved as well..:P
    Great finds at the boot sale. I like the retro style magazine rack, and the jewellery is just gorgeous!
    Have a lovely (hopefully stress-free day) today :)
    Magie x

  6. Ooh, I love the magazine rack! Great colours. XO