Friday, 6 April 2012

acrylics on a budget

Hey ladies,
I love having my nails done but hate the price tag! cheapest I have found is £20!
So I headed to my local market and found these luscious green nail tips for £1.99! The acrylic set was £6 I think?
so my scabby chipped nails at the ready
Armed with my tips and tub of nail goodies,I keep them tidy in a old plastic takeaway tray so they are not everywhere

I got the fab pink nail clippers from b&m bargains for £1.99! others I have seen are really expensive,I am sure you could find a cheap pair on ebay though.

STEP 1. I removed the bits of polish off my nails and give them a buff with a nail file

STEP 2. I chose the right tips for my nails and lined them up before I started so its quick and easy

STEP 3. I applied a bit of glue to the ends waited a few seconds then pressed the nail on the tip of my natural nail and held for 10 seconds until dry,I then proceeded with the rest of my left hand.

STEP 4. Making sure the glue is completly dry I clipped them to the desired length,Then I repeated step 3 & 4 to my right hand.
I always make sure the tips are on both hands before I apply the acrylic because leaving this stuff on the brush too long can harden it really quickly leaving it unusable.

STEP 5. I poured a little acrylic liquid into its lid,unscrewed the acrylic powder lid,Old face cloth or kitchen tissue to hand I dampen the brush into the liquid and wipe of the excess.
I dip it in again then dip it into the powder at an angle being careful not to drop the gel into the full tub of powder! After gelling each nail I wipe off the excess so I dont get a build up of gel on the brush.

STEP 6. I place the blob of gel where the tip meets my natural nail (in the middle of my nail bed) I then mould it around my nail and give it a few upward sweeps with the nail brush.

STEP 7. Repeat every nail,then give them a good buff with a nail file.Give them a top coat and ta daaaa
Make sure you wash your nail brush with nail varnish remover so it does not go hard so its useable for next time.And there you have it acrylic nails for about £2=£18 saving! RESULT!!
I am no nail professional I am simply a scrimper who loves saving money but refuses to give up on luxurys to look like a hobo.
Hope you found my tutorial easy,Will you be trying this for yourself? x x

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