Sunday, 15 April 2012

Tales from the bootsale,lots of selling & a little buying ;)

Well helloooooo there! This weekend was a little different,I usually head to the car boot as a buyer but I had lots of stuff going unused and one girls junk is another's treasure hey?
My brother picked me up at half 5 while mr scrimp and our youngest zoe had a lie in.
Rolling up everywhere was packed we headed to the office but they couldn't find our booking for my table,the thought of taking it all back home dreaded me but luckily after about 15mins he found it,phew!
Setting up at the front of the market back to back with two lovely ladies,A angry seller appeared claiming I had her table! Accusing me of stealing her spot and saying I had not booked it!
I can be reserved but when she continued to make untrue accusations I gave her a gob full back.
I do not and will not tolerate bullies, the lovely ladies decided to help me out but I really stood my ground.I am not really a morning person,especially if someone angers me from my sleepy state.
Needless to say said goon had got the wrong spot,but did I get a apology? Did I balls!
Rant over! Stuff was flying off my table,I was really pleased and felt a sense of achievement :)
But I was ready for the daydreaming hagglers,These are the type that are basically hoping you will give it them for free.For example I said I wanted 50p for a brand new bag,and the guy actually said I will give you 45p! Come on seriously?
After a heated start to the day and biting my tongue at certain times and even catching a foreign thief stealing off my stall I was still pleased I went....honest
After my £16 stall fee I headed home with £60 odd quid richer,Happy days :)
But of course I popped by my two favourite stalls,There really is some lovely sellers on there.Its nice to have a chin wag.
And here's what snook home with me
 3 puppets for our girls,50p
 fab 60,70s light shade £1
 7 rolls of unused wallpaper from the 70s,£1 for the lot! I bought 3 but they give me the extra 4
 two kitsch deer £1
 I couldnt help but think of the lovely catherine at as she had found the same pegs weeks ago,I dont want to open them they are so cute £1
 Gorgeous glass shade 25p!!
Lush orange tupperware tub 50p

Now I said I would be back with a post to show you what mr scrimp found the other night but I am still getting round to prettifying it,There is not enough hours in the day lately.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend,Did you find anything? x x


  1. Ooh I love the deer. I've never done a bootsale before. I'm not sure my temper would allow it!

  2. I have never sold anything (yet) from a boot sale, but I do love going to buy things from them. You found some lovely things there, I especially love the pair of little deer's (adorable!).
    Magie x

  3. Good for you standing up for yourself - I hate bullies too. I love all your buys x