Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Recent thrifty finds from the shops

Recently I headed out with my mum to superdrug,I needed a hairdye.Priced at £7 for one or £10 for three it was a no brainer so I got two and my mum got one and we split the difference.
But on our way out my mum squeeled with delight at tights in the bargain basket for £10p a pair!! So I got 5 pairs and my mum got 4.
Mr scrimp came home last week feeling very pleased with himself,He headed to b&m bargains and when he got to the till the assistant said would you like this for 20p as its the last one?!
I have noticed his smile gets him everywhere but am I willing to pimp out my hubbys smile for discount stuff......
Nice big jug for hot summer days complete with glasses reduced from £3.99 to 20p! score!!!
I strolled past shoe market and thought id pop in,not sure why because some of the shoes can be a bit over priced for what they are but I spotted these gorgeous polkadot pumps reduced from £7.99 to £2.99
And even though I have my shoes stored in a 80litre tub and about 20 pairs still dont fit in I couldnt resist,I am a shoe addict.
Lush or what? Have you found any recent bargains?


  1. You, your Mum and the Mr all did very well on the bargain hunting then! Me & Liz were rummaging in the Superdrug 10p bin last week, she got an umbrella & I got some Raccoon neon hair extensions. x

  2. Oh those shoes are just so darn cute! Love the color! Yesterday the Mr. took me thrifting and I got an overflowing bag of treasures for under $30! It seems to have been a good week for us both!

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog