Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My secret sister is amazeballs!! :)

Hey ladies,after a morning out with my mum and watching the little one pick flowers and play with worms :-/
I headed home to see mr scrimp had decorated the living room,aahhh I love it but more on this another time.
My secret sister package arrived :-) I was excited and just the pick me up I needed.
She had wrapped the outside too in shiny silver wrapping paper,cue my excited face trying to open it.The scissors come out because I could'nt contain my excitement.I have the same problem at christmas and birthdays etc... Even worse when I buy for someone else because I cant keep a secret and have to tell them what it is!
                                   shiny shiny!! I am a magpie
Once I was through the paper I revealed my box complete with polkadot wrapping paper,my fave! I have the same roll.
I opened it and lots of confetti come out,Which was beautiful as Its our wedding In 12 weeks time!! :)
She had also wrote a little letter which was lovely.
And here is what's in my sweet package
I couldn't fit on the apron what she also gave me.Awww im so chuffed with what I have
my favourite chocolate,hot chocolate,cross stitch,a candle,face mask,home made soap which smells lovely,more confetti,sweeties for the kids (how thoughtful),a magnet (I love the keep calm stuff and I have been wanting more magnets,some bath salts which smell lush! a card to only open on our wedding day,and socks (the socks made me giggle because apparently I didn't own socks when we moved in according to mr scrimp.Whats actually happened is he has claimed all my socks and so its a long running joke,well HA I will have the last laugh because they are girly and only for my tootsies :-p
So this evening I will be soaking in the bath with a hot chocolate eating chocolate,with the bath salts in,testing out my new soap all by candle light.aahhhh bliss
Thank you so much lisa at http://nevertooldtolearnfromyourmistakes.blogspot.co.uk/!! All I would like to know is if you can trade your biological sister for a secret one?