Sunday, 20 May 2012

Local giveaway and thrifty finds

Helloooooo there ladies
Me and mr scrimp are de cluttering and certainly not one to throw something away we thought we would offer them on here.We have a 70s coffee table and my beautiful tea trolley :(
I promised my very patient other half I would get rid of said items for a kitchen table,By the way can you believe he loathes formica tables???!!! no taste,enough said
But he has stuck to his end of the bargain so if anyone could give these a good home then they are yours to collect.

Well here is my thrifty finds
 magazine from 1944,I love it! I may frame this.It was free!!!
 9 house proud magazines from 1950s in sequence too £5
 Gorgeous pink & blue pyrex dishes £2 for both,These was going on ebay but I cant part with them

 Lush jug!! how gorgeous is this!! £1.29 charity shop in birkenhead.... day trip :-/
 BNWT cherry dress from a charity shop in warrington £5.50
Salter scales £1.50 from a bootsale

Sorry for the lack of blogging I have had so much on physically and emotionally but I am back!!
Watch this space!
Hope you have all had a lovely weekend x x


  1. You always find such cute things!

  2. Doesn't like formica? Is that a punishable offence? lol x

  3. Those home mags look absolutely fantastic, I'd be spending hours pouring over those beauties! x

  4. I seriously need to be getting out of bed earlier and visiting our local boot sales to find some gems like these!! I know it's been almost a week but has anyone offered the tea tray a home yet? Xx

    1. No its still available if you would like it? xx

    2. I would love it, would you like to email me with details an can arrange pick up? My email address is


  5. Ohhhhhh i love thrifting - and i adore your pyrex finds.
    Where i live there is like one thrift shop and its totally overpriced :(
    Lucky you !