Saturday, 2 June 2012

Outfit post.First of many!!

Hey ladies,I cant believe I have never actually done a outfit post?!!
What was I thinking? Especially with the amount of clothes I have.I must confess I am somewhat of a hoarder,I know what your thinking....Really mrs scrimp a hoarder? The lady who posts about her huge hauls? Well let me tell you my clothes get good use and if I am not shopping in charity shops I raid my sisters wardrobe and occasionally  my mums which is even better because that means its FREEEEEE!  We all love freebies so basically my excuse for being a complete fashion wh*re is that it does not cost the earth
Well here is my first outfit post and I hope you like because I love!! I have had my eye on this dress for a while and while the sale closet was bare on collectif with the dresses being so fabulous and fairly priced they shot off the rails no doubt!
But all is not lost,I found a seller on ebay who stocks collectif clothing found here The dress I had my  eye on started at £19.99 but buy it now price was £40,I really wanted it but I just couldn't be so frivolous with my cash without trying to bid.
So as per usual I sat there,eager coffee in hand,heart racing,talking fast but not paying attention to whatever anyone is saying to me during this 5 minute window of countdown time!
I always wait till the last 20 seconds,occasionally this has failed me when I have been convinced said item its mine but some other ebay loon much like myself swoops in! Fair play so now I have to hold out till that right moment
Yes thats right bloggers my name is brooke and I am addicted to ebay! Another time and another post for that but that being said I know when to stop
Enough of my ramblings,you might already of guessed I won!! first bid and I was over the moon when I arrived.
Mr scrimp was too,queue his jaw dropping and the odd cheeky bum slap,I have had lots of eyes on me too And I was pretty sure my knickers were not tucked in my dress.
Or maybe they wondered why someone was dollied up in asda?? All dressed up and nowhere to go is most certainly the case here.
Well here she is,what do you think? Also show casing my new fringe,btw I am aware I am almost blending in with the wall,if I had pink hair it would be like a game of where's wolly!!
 Its the end of the day just in case you was wondered if we actually owned a iron,hence the crinkles :-/

New wedges via scope charity shop for £3.99 :) Ignore my vile toes!

Hope your all enjoying the start to your weekend,Im off to eat my curry with the other half then upload lots of items on ebay to take advantage of the free insertion fees this weekend ;-)



  1. Beautiful dress! you look gorgeous!

  2. You do actually match the wall paper, but you look totally lovely, (as does the wallpaper)!

    Arwedd xxx

  3. Your dress is gorgeous and so are the shoes!! I too have a bit of an ebay addiction and I try to wait until the last minute of the auction but I get all excited and can't wait to bid-lol. xx

  4. You look fab and I love your new hair! More outfit photos, please!! Hope you're having a lovely, long weekend. xxx