Saturday, 16 June 2012

This post should explain where I have been

Hello my lovelys,Before I begin I am not going to hold back on this post so if you are a very reserved person then look away now :-p
I seem to have gone into hiding since I got my 50 shades of grey book by E L JAMES
I am like a woman obsessed,unravelling myself into the first of the trilogy.
I had heard a few mentions of the book but when my niece said she was getting it I decided to get one too so we could embark on a mini book club.By the way seen as my siblings are quite a bit older than me my niece is 21 just in case you were some what confused.
I threw myself into it and I was HOOKED a couple of chapters in.Mr scrimp said he has never had so much peace,something which he very rarely receives off me.
From the things I had heard of this book I thought I'd be shocked by some of the revelations but to be quite frank I found myself drifting into fantasy land and found it really seductive.Not that me and mr scrimp has ever wanted to cuff each other to the ceiling and spank each other with a paddle or anything :-o
But you get entwined in her deep feelings for this man that clearly has some demons,Hey whatever floats your boat but I have to say I would without a doubt take a spanking off mr scrimp for a new laptop,blackberry and a car.
The main characters are christian grey & ana steele or anastasia as mr grey calls her seductively 
Ana is a reserved timid girl until she meets mr grey who is a powerful business man who has a jekyl & hyde personality keeps ana on her toes and brings her out of her shell.She is besotted and eventually he is smitten too,because he has never met a girl like her.
I think I became more hooked by this book as their relationship really reminds me of me and mr scrimp,again I am not a lover of nipple clamps but I completely relate to ana falling in love with a man she does not know much about,there is just something about him.Ana reveals her love for mr grey thus ending their relationship and this scenario is exactly how mine and mr scrimps relationship panned out in the early days.Yes shock horror...
But after time apart mr scrimp realised he was in fact in love with me,reuniting our relationship allowing me to finally really know him and this is how ana and christian are...So far
I am now on the second book which I actually nabbed today,The second book 'darker' was like rocking horse shit to get hold of.I think this is because the first book 'of grey' was so fantabulously amazeballs that desperate housewives through out the country went in search for the book that ended on us needing more.I was lost for a couple of days,curling up with my book and a cup of costa...Bliss
I searched for darker for 2 days and I was getting more fed up,I headed into waterstones and found the last copy,I actually thrust the book into the air and did a little dance..No shittin ladies,this actually happened.I have no regrets or shame,It was called for.
Running to the till I overhead two eager ladies asking for the book to which the assistant replied I am sorry we are sold out and will have to order you a copy.The look on her face was like someone had pissed on her kids at christmas.I have to admit I felt smug inside...
Well I will end my post here as I am already getting with  drawl symptoms
Have you read the amazing 50 shades trilogy by the genious of a author E L james found here
If not then is this modern day romance/kinkyporn something you would indulge in? Come ladies dont be a prude..
Much love
Mrs scrimp x x


  1. I've heard a real mixture of good and bad about this book, so I'm undecided as to whether to read it or not... I'm always behind the times though so I'm sure I'll get around to it lol.

  2. I'm probably one of five people left on earth that hasn't read the book yet but your review is making me tempted.

  3. fantastic pictures honey ;)
    I hope you have a lovely day


  4. lovely blog. please take a look on mine and tell me what you think <3