Monday, 27 February 2012

prettyfying my boring notice board

I bought this boring notice board from home bargains for £1.99 although in hindsight they probably have these in pound shops.Anywho I have a large bundle of different material taking over my kitchen cupboard, If you go to abhakan textiles they have large bundles of material for 60p each and you get a fair amount of material for that price.I measured out my notice board and divided that by 1/4 so each square was the same size,I added a extra inch around each of the sides to compensate for covering the full board an slightly on the back.I got out my sewing machine and sewed the edges together,being sure to turn in the material by a cm or so,so that the stiching is at the back of the material and you wont see it when completed.I had a old pillow what i use for various crafts,I pulled out some stuffing so it created a slightly padded effect.I glued the back three edges of my board using my glue gun (now I have my staple gun its much easier) and stuck it down.I stuffed it and then stuck down the last edge so the stuffing dont fall out.And there we have it,I hope you understood my mumble jumble ladies :-p. you could either criss cross elastic over the front to pop pictures or letters inside or you could simply leave it to just pin things to.

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