Monday, 27 February 2012

decorating on a budget

Items round a house can certainly make it homely but it is nice to add your own stamp on the place.
The landing was looking a bit bare but how expensive is it for wallpaper these days??!!
On a recent trip to B&M bargains in bolton I thought id browse at wallpaper in there,to my amazememnt I found this lovely floral wallapaper for a £1 a roll in the sale section,now its up it looks lovely.I also have lots of miss matched frames that I have been collecting which is going to be filled with family photos to create a quirky feature wall.

When we first moved in I wanted something different and unique for zoe janes room.So instead of buying wallpaper I bought a pack of acrylic paints for a few quid and began drawing on her wall.Now I am not a artist by any stretch the imagination but I know how much love,effort and time I put into it plus its theraputic.I also know this is a one off so she finally got her unique wall,although uncompleted yet ;)
I am still trying to work out the style of my eldest,shes at the age (7) where she changes her mind so quickly,plus she is very grown up for her age.
Hope you all like :) x

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